MySchedule Features & Benefits

MySchedule allows you to quickly and easily schedule and manage your entire workforce. Start your free trial today to see for yourself.
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True Scheduling Power

Our scheduling tool is the simplest, most powerful way to create your employee schedule
Add an employee to the schedule with a single click
Load saved schedules instantly
Know exactly how many hours each employee is scheduled for as you build the schedule
Filter entire schedules by position
Publish the schedule when you're ready
Employee’s availability and vacation is manager-approved, built into the system, with easy manager over-rides
Get employee counts at a glance
Manage multiple locations from a single account
Easily clear shifts or entire weeks
Combine saved schedules to create a modular scheduling system

Promote Accountability While Embracing Flexibility

A system that works the way people work
Allow your management team to stay flexible
Instantly communicate with any employee or group of employees
Make announcements that are visible to everyone
Shift swaps, availability, and vacation requests are dealt with quickly and easily
Managers are notified via the mobile app when an item arises that requires their attention
Give your employees the tools they need to succeed
Employee schedules are accessible from anywhere via our web and mobile applications
Drop and pick up shifts with the push of a button
Availability is added by the employee, approved by the manager, and built into the system, so there is no confusion or accidental conflicts

Get Your Business Up and Running in Minutes

Setting up your company is quick and easy
Add the name and address of your location or locations, as well as any positions within your company.
Shifts can be created as unique, one-off shifts or as recurring shifts depending on your business' scheduling structure.
Add all or some of your employees with their relative positions, locations, and hourly wage.
Once your employees have verified their accounts, you are ready to start scheduling.